Bonnell Building - Fairfield Square

Located on the South-West corner of the Fairfield town Square, the Bonnell Building site consists of a 15,000 SqFt commerical building on 2 above-ground levels and 1 lower level.

Hosted Projects in this Bonnell Space:

The Arbor

A cozy atmosphere, gourmet cocktails, food, wine, and craft beers. 

The Arbor Bar frequently hosts shows with touring musicians, with a focus on original, creative music. 

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To celebrate the best of Fairfield and Iowa, featuring national, regional and local music, artisan food, top speakers, speciality vendors and cultural leaders, with an emphasis on sustainable solutions, creative expression, economic fairness and community empowerment.


Village Urban Collective

A local cooperative for handcraftsmen and artisans.
The Village Urban Collective is a space for local Artisans and Handcraft Work to be showcased, retail space, lounge or healing space and a community business office.

Together we will learn, teach and develop our individual talents into a small business.

Many Shades of Sisterhood

MSOS Mission: To share sustainable living (STL) information, resources, programs, projects, skills, and products to inspire livelihoods that will persist during life’s ever-changing circumstances. Through education, developing sustainable social enterprises and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit MSOS desire is to have a strong impact on the future.