Our Spaces

Bonnell Building - Fairfield Square

Located on the South-West corner of the Fairfield town Square, the Bonnell Building site consists of a 15,000 SqFt commerical building on 2 above-ground levels and 1 lower level.

BU Building - old St. Mary's school

Old St. Mary site is located on north 3rd St., adjacent the Fairfield Cultural District. The property consists of the prior rectory, school building and grounds of the Fairfield community Catholic church, St. Mary's.

Property details:

  • 3-level 15,000 SqFt mixed-use building housing a range of hosted artistic, community and business projects.
  • 2 acres of grounds, utilized as urban farm-land, recreation, community open space.

3rd Street Grounds

Almost 2 acres of land, in the cultural center of Fairfield, Iowa & at the heart of the Old Chicago neighborhood.

3rd St. Rectory

  • 5-unit residential building, currently housing an intentional community project.

Depot Ave Warehouse

3000+ SqFt Warehouse & Office Space