Village Urban Collective

A local cooperative for handcraftsmen and artisans.
The Village Urban Collective is a space for local Artisans and Handcraft Work to be showcased, retail space, lounge or healing space and a community business office.

Together we will learn, teach and develop our individual talents into a small business.

We will also create a cooperative for members to be able to purchase items at wholesale prices and share the savings within our community.

Our Collective and Co-op will grow organically, diversely and abundantly with the support of nature.

The springboard has been put in place, now its time to come and jump into action. And don't worry, you now have a group to catch you should you fall. :)

local cooperative for handcraftsmen and artisans.
105 S. Main St. - West side mid-block
Matthew Lindberg
Contact info: 
(888) 369-6275