This Bonnell space is no longer part of the Bonnell Project. Please contact Buzz Allen @ Accelerated Learning Foundation for information about this property.

BU Building - old St. Mary's school

Old St. Mary site is located on north 3rd St., adjacent the Fairfield Cultural District. The property consists of the prior rectory, school building and grounds of the Fairfield community Catholic church, St. Mary's.

Property details:

  • 3-level 15,000 SqFt mixed-use building housing a range of hosted artistic, community and business projects.
  • 2 acres of grounds, utilized as urban farm-land, recreation, community open space.
Hosted Projects in this Bonnell Space:

CMS Ceramics

CMS Ceramics is a community clay studio for the public to learn about the Ceramic Arts. Various workshops are offered on how to make sculpture, functional pottery, musical instruments, tile, murals, beads, and jewelry. Local Clay Dig is another workshop that involves digging clay from the property, processing, then making anything from it.