Project News

BE U Lounge ideas

As a result of some discussions we had over the last weeks, we came up with the idea of creating a lounge space for people to stop by, get info about the project, see whats going on, hang out, have fun, and get involved.

St. Mary's & BU Workshops coming up

We are in the process of organizing 4 workshops/meetings for the St.Mary's project.
Yesterday we had our first meeting around content and ideas.

Green House Project

Ok, since i can't wait to post something, ill give a short summary of yesterdays meeting around the green house.

We had a good group of people at the school house to discuss the potential of a community green house.
The people involved:

Lead: Eric Randall

Space Jam

We have formed a team - which we are calling Space Jam - that is reviewing requests for space usage at the Bonnell Building and St. Mary's property. Members include Emanuel Schachinger, Colin Heaton, Joseph Mayfield, Taylor Ross, and myself. If you have a need for space, please email

(Steve Cooperman)


We have created this blog for sharing general information about what is going on with the Bonnell Building Project, and particularly at the St. Mary's property, in the early days of deciding what will be going on there. Plans are in the works to create a site with more of the details of individual projects and how to get involved, but for now, hopefully this will be a good way to keep in the loop.

(Steve Cooperman)