St. Mary's grounds master planning - meeting notes

Following up on Dora's post, here are the notes from the brainstorming during last Thursday's meeting; this represents everyone's ideas but not necessarily the final result. (Thanks to Emanuel for typing up the notes!)

Design objectives:
Create community – get people involved
Create food (for kitchen)
Create educational opportunities
Be a model/demonstration of urban agriculture
Be an incubator
Generate income for participants & BBP
Beautify the space
Create broader community acceptance
Create public space
Public + private
Expand residential
Adhere to city codes/get allowances
Fit within BBP mission, legal and financial responsibilities
uphold ethics and principles of permaculture
take into consideration impact on the rectory + neighborhood
design includes mgt/maintainance plan
diversity – bio + project + social + income
storm water management

Design components/elements:

Places for picnic/reading book
Public pathways for walking/biking
Ewok city – tree houses – hammocks
Tiny homes
Public food foraging
Night lighting
Zone 5
Cover crop dead zone
Food forest
Community garden
Zone 1 for house
Sport court
Space for outdoor events
Butterfly garden
A lot of strawberries
Goats and chickens
Fleecy sheep
Climbing wall
Sculpture + art
Pizza oven
Cob bench
Herb spiral
Hot tub
Camp ground
Coppice trees
Rain gardens
Water catchment
Permeable parking lot
Rain garden