Organizing the Kitchen Team

Initial introductions of contributors and tours of the kitchen have taken place, building on the already mounting excitement of producing food for our community with emphasis on high love content. Current creations envisioned include croissants, pastries, specialty cakes, bagels and bread made by your friends and neighbors. A community food sharing concept is incubating and holds great potential for local gardeners/farmers to put their produce to good work in the hands of caring and knowledgeable culinary artists. Cooperation between this project and Pathfinders, a non-profit organization that works with local citizens to develop and implement various projects that benefit the local community, is already taking place.

We have tested the electric oven which proves to be in good working order. The gas oven and range has been lit but not tested. We plan to have a freezer by the end of the week and a refrigerator purchase is in the works. Anyone interested in donating/building work surfaces, prep tables, shelving or heavy duty kitchen carts should contact Michael Emerson,

The local health inspector has been contacted and the ball has been set rolling to certify the space for safe, legal food preparation.