Naturewise Community Garden

Naturewise Academy: applying the knowledge of ecological literacy to benefit all walks of life. Mission To develop a flourishing ecologically literate community through experiential education, local food sovereignty, and naturewise activities. Description Naturewise Academy rekindles an understanding of humanity’s place within the biosphere as active participants in ecological processes. 

We have the ability to sculpt and design our communities to exist in collaboration within the greater ecosystem of nature. By recognizing nature as teacher, Naturewise Academy mentors guide community members to develop their own relationship with nature through ecoliterate action that directly benefits people and environment. 

Through local ecoliteracy workshops, we cultivate a paradigm that recognizes nature as a series of relationships, rather than a limited resource. This viewpoint includes all forms of life, including human.


Community Garden
South-east Corner
Sascha Kyssa or Minca Borg
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